What is the insurance bet in 안전한바카라 Blackjack?

Insurance bets are one of the most common 안전한바카라 topics new players want to discuss and with good reason. Casinos frequently offer insurance bets to players. And the payout on these wagers is appealing. But have you ever stopped and thought about why casinos offered these big payout bets? Find out whether insurance bets are worth the gamble, and start playing smarter blackjack with us.

Lesson 10– what every player should know about the insurance bet in blackjack. The insurance bet is a special wager 안전한바카라 casinos offer to players whenever the dealer has an ace showing as their first card. Essentially, a player wagers 50% of their initial bet against the chance that the dealer has a 10 under his ace, which would give them blackjack.

If the dealer has blackjack, your 50% bet is placed next to your initial bet as a payout or 2 to 1. Everyone that did not take insurance loses their bet. In the event that the dealer does not have blackjack, the 50% wager will be taken by the casino.

In order for the dealer to check if they have blackjack, they use what is called the peek mirror in casinos today. Before that, though, dealers used to lift their whole card, which created two problems.

The dealer knew the value of the face-down card, which opened up the opportunity for cheating with the dealer involved. Someone sitting at another table could see the whole card and motion to a player at the other table, like in the famous scene in the movie Casino with Mr.

Happy. Both these circumstances could lead to unfair player advantage. The insurance bet only pays out 30% of the time, which is why casinos offer it to you at 50%, giving the house a roughly 20% advantage.

There’s always a reason the casino offers you insurance, and it’s not for your benefit. If you’re offered insurance 1,000 times during your blackjack career, and you take it 1,000 times, you will have less money in your bank account in the long run than you would if you decline the insurance every time.

You should only take the insurance bet if you’re a 안전한바카라 card counter, and the count is very high, plus 8 or better. If the deck is rich in 10s, the odds of a 10 being the next card will make it worth it for you to take the insurance.

As a general rule, players shouldn’t take the insurance bet. But the exception lies with the professional card counters and when they choose to adjust basic strategy given the running count. You can always spot the new blackjack players at the casino by the fact that they take insurance wagers every single time.

Don’t play into the 안전한바카라 casino’s hands. Avoid the insurance bet unless you’re an experienced player. [MUSIC PLAYING] Thanks for watching, players. If you want to learn more, check out our guides on blackjack strategy through the link.